Festa do Espirito Santo

Festa do Espirito Santo
June 25 & 26, 2011


      One of our missions in promoting Portuguese Pride is to publish a cookbook during our reign as Presidents. Tracy is host to the most talented Portuguese cooks and bakers in the nation! This cookbook will reflect the styles and flavors of the Azore Islands/ Mainland.  We encourage you to submit a recipe to our cookbook by clicking on the comment area and typing it in. Or, please email it to: festapres@gmail.com     Please include your name/current city of residence/ part of Portugal or Island your ancestry is from.  If possible, please contribute your recipe in English.    Recipes submitted in Portuguese will be translated into English by a committee member.  At this time, the recipe book will be published  in English only.   
      The book will be available for sale at IPFES functions beginning in Spring 2011, All proceeds benefit IPFES.
       It is our honor to have your recipe in the book.

    Thank you!